WeHealth by Servier article in Challenges (France)

In the “Strategy” section of the Challenges magazine, published 02/03/17 in France, WeHealth, the new e-branch of the Servier Groupe was presented as a subsidiary with “a concreted approach consisting of building projects with start-ups, a very original scheme that could well create emules“.

We can also read that “Servier suggested developing a solution in the cardiovascular field, where the group is the second european leader”, says Pierre-Yves Frouin, the founder of BioSerenity. “While the start-up concentrated its efforts on neurology, Servier brought expertise in cardiology and direct access to important cardiologists. The CardioSkin, the t-shirt resulting form this partnership, should soon obtain the approval of the authorities (CE marking).”

Finally, David Guez, Director of WeHealth by Servier, recall the model developed by Servier “We dont want to buy back start-ups or even take capital, but be partners in an open innovation process“.

Source : Delphine Déchaux, “Servier a son idée pour booster la santé connectée”, Challenges n°511, 10/02/17, p.46-47