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Partnership with Pathmaker Neurosystems

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“The MyoRegulatorTM device has clear and groundbreaking benefits for patients with serious neurological conditions. Our partnership with PathMaker represents an opportunity for us to contribute to the advancement of a truly novel technology that is moving the field of bioelectronic medicine forward,” said Dr. David Guez, the General Director. “This is WeHealth’s first-ever partnership in the field of neurology”.

As part of the agreement, WeHealth will fund a recently initiated European clinical trial evaluating MyoRegulator for non-invasive treatment of lower limb spasticity secondary to stroke, which is currently being conducted by France’s prestigious Brain and Spine Institute (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière – ICM) at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. WeHealth will also fund a larger European clinical trial intended to support reimbursement coverage. PathMaker will receive an upfront payment, clinical/regulatory milestones and commercial royalties from future sales of the device and disposables (single-use electrodes) in the Servier territories.


About the solution

Spasticity is a chronic condition characterized by painful muscle contractions and is common in patients following stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders. It affects an estimated 12 million people worldwide. Current treatments of the disorder include pharmacological agents, botulinum toxin injections and intrathecal baclofen, which are often costly and result in undesired side-effects.

The MyoRegulator system is a microprocessor-controlled device that uses PathMaker’s patent-protected DoubleStim technology to deliver synchronized stimulation at two sites along the neural axis via two pairs of disposable skin-surface electrodes. Through precisely sequenced and targeted multi-site stimulation directed at the spinal outflow and peripheral nerve leading to the muscle of interest, this proprietary approach modulates neural activity to suppress hyperexcitable spinal neurons involved in spasticity. At the Society for Neuroscience meeting in November 2018, the largest annual meeting of the neuroscience field, clinical trial results from a recently completed US study at Northwell Health evaluating the effect of MyoRegulator treatment on post-stroke spasticity of upper limbs were recently presented.

Oncohub -Winner of Unicancer innovation Award

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We proudly announce that one of our start-ups, ONCOHUB/MIRIO has been selected to be the winner of the Unicancer Prize in the ‘care pathway’ category.

This prize is the single and most recognized prize for oncology innovation in France, rewarding the most innovative initiatives in the field of healthcare, research and organizations.

Particularly, it rewards:

  • The enhancement of quality and security of care
  • The participation to the economical well-being and organizational efficiency of all the French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCC)
  • The patient benefit brought, in relation to individualized and personalized medicine and with an emphasis on respecting transparency and patients’ expectations


Read more about the Unicancer Prize.

ESC congress – a success for Cardioskin

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• A dedicated corner for WeHealth at the ESC Congress in Munich, on August 25

The congress of the European Society of Cardiology is the largest medical congress in Europe with more than 30,000 active participants !
Thanks to a great booth design and a huge commitment of the whole team, we had a huge visibility both internally and externally during the whole congress.
We were able to present to the visitors our first partnerships and our ambition: Work in open innovation with start-ups to find new e-health solutions that improve care for patients and everyday life for healthcare professionals.


• A considerable success for our first partnerships

Cardioskin®, HomeHeart®, Mobiosense, and Betterise have successfully raised the interests of many doctors.


– CardioSkin®, when a t-shirt can monitor your heart

Cardioskin, ready to market, is a CE marked and 510k FDA US Clearance noninvasive medical device which allows ECG home monitoring and ambulatory diagnosis from a few days to several weeks. It is a simple system composed of 15 leads embedded in an innovative textile connected to an acquisition module that records an ECG signal. This module does an analog-digital conversion and sends the signal wirelessly to the cloud where the data are stored in a secure way but easily accessible to the treating physician who can make a more accurate and timely diagnosis without bringing the patient to the hospital.
Cardioskin ensures flexibility during the whole duration of the monitoring period, and a better patient acceptability.


– Homeheart, when a drop a blood can predict heart failure

CardioRenal and WeHealth by Servier have formed a partnership to develop HomeHeart® (early stage of development). It’s a unique tele-medicine device capable of detecting early signs of heart failure with a simple drop of blood. It aims at reducing rehospitalizations for patients suffering from heart failure.

– Mobiosense and Betterise

Even though they are still in development phase, these two cardiology and diabetes products have aroused the interest and many opportunities emerged for future developments or business.


We are thrilled to see how WeHealth has conveyed the image of innovation and patient‐centricity thanks to the display of innovative solutions, a lot of meetings and appointments, interviews with journalists or even the presence on social media.